COA Regional Office 02 - 10th COA Inter-Regional Sportsfest for Luzon Opening Ceremony

10th COA Inter-Regional Sportsfest for Luzon Opening Ceremony

After a series of tenacious efforts in organizing and preparing for the 10th COA Inter-Regional Sportsfest for Luzon, Region 02, being the host region put on a dazzling show during the opening ceremony on Monday afternoon, March 2, 2020, at the City of Ilagan Sports Complex. A total of 872 participants from different regions have gathered together in the City of Ilagan, Isabela for one of the Commission’s most-awaited sporting and social events.

This year’s Inter-Regional sportsfest carries the theme: “A Decade of Oneness and Camaraderie through Sports”. At stake are 21 gold medals in 8 different sports, which include Basketball (Men and Women), Volleyball (Men and Women), Badminton (Singles and Doubles), Table Tennis, Chess, Darts, Lawn Tennis and Billiards.

The competing regions are divided into 7 teams and assigned with official team colors, namely: Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) (Orange) led by RD Eden T. Rafanan and OIC-ARD Hector L. Cortes, Region 1 (Violet) led by RD Michael R. Bacani and OIC-ARD Cecilia G. Ancheta, Region 3 (Red) led by RD Lynn SF. Sicangco and OIC-ARD Chona P. Laxamana, Region 4A (Blue) led by OIC-RD Mario G. Lipana and ARD Maria Olivia B. Ortega, Region 4B (Green) led by RD Ma. Corazon S. Gomez and ARD Lynflor M. Adolfo, Region 5 (Yellow) led by RD Roland A. Rey and OIC-ARD Aida M. Belgira, and Region 2 (White) OIC-RD Susan C. Ramirez and OIC-ARD Bismarck R. Turingan.

The opening ceremony started with the parade of banner colors led by the PNP Band followed by the parade of Regional Directors (RDs), Assistant Regional Directors (ARDs) and delegates from 7 participating regions. The banners were carried by the Regions’ Muses and Escorts during the opening parade. The 10th COA Inter-Regional Sportsfest brought together the delegates.

OIC RD Susan C. Ramirez delivered a heart-warming message and congratulated everyone who came to participate in the spirit of oneness. It was followed by City of Ilagan Mayor Jose Marie L. Diaz who welcomed the guests and participants.

The Regional Directors from the different competing teams boosted team spirits as they led the raising of their Regional Flags. The flame torch was carried by Mr. Rhadzmir Cedrick T. Jamsuri, a Region 02 delegate. The lighting of torch was initially introduced in the 1936 Summer Olympics, which symbolizes unity, peace and enlightenment. It was followed by the Oath of Sportsmanship led by Ms. Rhoda Marie B. Caronan.

In his message, Hon. Chairperson Michael G. Aguinaldo officially declared the opening of the 10th COA Inter-Regional Sportsfest for Luzon. The event was capped off as the sky was lit with a spectacle of colors.