COA Regional Office 02 - News Releases

Inauguration of the Newly Improved COA Provincial Satellite Auditing Office

The newly improved COA PSAO Isabela was inaugurated and blessed on March 2, 2020. The PSAO Isabela is one of the oldest PSAOs in the entire Philippines, which was constructed in the year 2001 during the term of COA Chairman Celso D. Gangan, and the first ever PSAO in COA Region 2.

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10th Inter-Regional Sportsfest for Luzon


The Commission on Audit (COA), as an independent government institution, recognizes and promotes the value of professionalism among its personnel. As such, the Commission provides opportunities for total professional development, i.e. intellectually, psychologically, and physically. As regards physical development, the Commission calendars sports activities wherein its personnel share and hone their skills in various sports activities, both indoor and outdoor. Through these sports activities, COAns take time from their respective office works and come together to play for fun and healthy competition.

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